Beautification and Recreation

Hesperia Beautification Committee
Hesperia Beautification Committee is a non-profit organization. The Committee is comprised of volunteers whose efforts are geared toward beautifying our Village. The goals of the Committee include retaining our small town charm and creating a unique environment which will help us create an attractive downtown business climate. The Committee focuses on downtown as well as the parks throughout the Village. They are responsible for planning and carrying out the details required in connection with the planting of flowers in spring; choosing hanging baskets and planters. Committee members are pursuing the long-held goal of making the Village of Hesperia a more beautiful place to live. For more information, see the Hesperia Beautification Committee letter and brochure.

The White River
Flowing through downtown Hesperia, the White River offers excellent fishing, natural beauty, and canoeing. The board walk adjacent to the White River further enhances the access for sportsmen as well as a serene environment.

Sportsman’s Destination
The greater Hesperia area is considered a destination for sportsmen, bringing many visitors from around the state, country, and internationally. The White River, numerous lakes, and vast forests provide multiple opportunities for visitors to enjoy our natural resources.
o White River
o Multiple lakes near the Village
o Hunting areas
o Fishing destination
o Manistee National Forest
o Hotel Accommodations

Sports Fields
Current recreation facilities in the Village of Hesperia
o Baseball field (north of Maple Island Bridge)
o Soccer Field at the Fairgrounds
o Playground at the Fairgrounds
o Pavilion at the Fairgrounds
o Facilities at the Fairgrounds
o Play equipment at Webster Park
o Tennis and Roller Blade Court at Cook and South

Community Sport Activities
Community Organizations
o Little League
o Rocket Football

Community Events & Festivals
Festivities, such as the Fourth of July Family Fun Fest, have been a tremendous asset in the promotion of all the Village has to offer.
o Fourth of July Family Fun Fest

Hesperia Parks
Current public parks in the Village of Hesperia
o Webster Park
o Vida Weaver Park
o Weaver Park (Fairgrounds)
o Dam Site
o Mill Pond
o Island & Gazebo above the Dam


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Department of Public Works
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