Fire Department



Hesperia Area Fire Department
8320 E M 20, Hesperia, MI 49421
Phone: (231) 854-9539
For emergencies: Dial 911

The Hesperia Area Fire Department was established in 1999 "To provide for establishment and organization of a District Fire Department."

The Fire Department currently operates out of one station located on M-20 one mile west of the Village of Hesperia, and proudly protects three townships and a portion of two others covering an area over 130 square miles consisting of mainly single-family residential dwellings.

Currently the department consists of 18 members providing fire protection, search and rescue, and vehicle extrication services. Various members of the department assist specialized area teams when requested. The department apparatus consists of: One (1) Engine, One (1) Pumper Tanker, One (1) Tanker, One (1) Rescue Vehicle, One (1) Water Source Truck, and Two (2) Grass Rig Trucks.

Presently, the Hesperia Area Fire Department has reciprocal agreements with the surrounding communities to provided additional personnel and equipment in the event of a large scale incident.

Fire Department members train twice per month. The department operates as a volunteer organization whose members are on a paid on call status.

Hesperia Area Fire Department: Staff

Fire Chief
Dwayne Tinkham

Assistant Fire Chief
Scott Maynard

Tim VanAvery


Robert Eichenberg


Jason Newman /
Training Officer




Dan Cooper
Shawn Dickinson
Adam Forbes
Jason Knapp
James Lavin
Phil McGahan
Jake Meisenbach
Clint Muckey
Chris Parks
Kris Rasmussen
Bill Rumsey
Wes Stitt
Dan Workman


Fire Department: Apparatus

Engine 1910
2002 Freightliner
Pumper is the first-out engine to respond to structure fires.

Features and Equipment:

•  1250 gpm pump with 1000 gallon water tank
•  400 ft of pre-connected hose
•  700 ft 5" supply hose
•  Built in Foam Tank
•  Seven (7) SCBA air packs
•  Four (4) Spare SCBA air tanks
•  Thermal Imaging Camera
•  Built-in 6000 watt generator
•  Portable Lighting
•  Vehicle extrication equipment
•  Vehicle Stabilization equipment
•  Various gasoline powered saws
•  24 ft extension ladder
•  Portable Fire Extinguishers
•  Radio equipped




Pumper-Tanker 1920
2004 Kenworth Pumper/Tanker is the first out engine for motor vehicle fires and second out for structure fires.

Features and Equipment:

•  1250 gpm pump with 2000 gallon water tank
•  300 ft of 1 3/4" pre-connected hose
•  2000 gallon porta tank
•  Built-in foam tank and foam gun
•  One (1) SCBA air packs
•  Two (2) Spare SCBA air tanks
•  Portable Lighting
•  Various gasoline powered saws
•  One 14 ft roof and one 24 ft extension ladder
•  Portable Fire Extinguishers
•  Radio equipped




Pumper-Tanker 1921
2012 Kenworth CJ Series Tanker is a secondary tanker used for structural fires and brush fires

Features and Equipment:

•  500 gpm pump
•  2000 gallon water tank
•  Side Dump Release
•  Two (2) person cab
•  Portable Fire Extinguishers
•  Radio equipped




Rescue Vehicle 1960
Rescue Truck Freightliner

Features and Equipment:

•  Medical/First Aid jump kit
•  Six (6) SCBA air packs
•  Cascade SCBA air pack system for filling individual tanks
•  Two (2) person cab
•  Built-in 2900 watt generator
•  Portable Lighting
•  Aero Med LZ kit
•  Rescue sled and backboard
•  Ice rescue apparatus
•  Rope bag equipped
•  Rip-line equipped
•  Chain saw and K saw
•  Fireman rescue hand tools
•  Reciprocating Sawzall
•  Portable Fire Extinguishers
•  Radio equipped




Water Source 1950
1985 Chevrolet Pick Up
Water Source 800-1000 gallons per minute

Features and Equipment:

•  200 ft 5 supply line
•  45 horsepower John Deer Diesel Pump
•  Radio equipped



Grass Rig 1931
1985 Chevrolet Pick Up

Features and Equipment:

•  293 gpm pump with 200 gallon water tank
•  Foam gun
•  Pre-connected 150' Booster line
•  Two (2) 50 ft retractable hose
•  Various gasoline powered saws
•  Radio equipped




Grass Rig 1930
1984 Ford Ranger Pick Up

Features and Equipment:

•  Three (3) horsepower pump
•  75 gallon water tank
•  Small Pump
•  Fireman rescue hand tools
•  Various gasoline powered saws
•  Radio equipped

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